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How do I sell my Beanie Babies?

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How do I sell my Beanie Babies?

Where should I sell my Beanie Babies?

As of right now, there are very few Beanie Babies that are being sold at the same retail price that was paid for them. Of course there are exceptions, such as rare Beanie Babies and original tagged ones, but other than those, most Beanie Babies will not make you a profit.

Even so, there are many sites on the internet that are willing to buy Beanie Babies. Smart Collecting ( is a good resource to find news about selling Beanie Babies, as well as finding people to buy them. It is also an excellent source for finding more information about a specific Beanie Baby, and to get a good idea of how much it will sell for.

What are some other ways to sell your Beanie Babies?

Another way is to sell them online, through ebay or Craigslist. You may find an avid collector who will be willing to pay good money for a large, intact and well taken care of collection.

Yard sales, garage sales and flea markets are also an excellent way to make money off your collection. It is important to do your research and look up the information of each Beanie Baby you are trying to sell to ensure that it is not a valuable or rare one. Those can be sold individually for a very high price, if you can find a willing collector.


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